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Solution Graphics        Ordering on-line is now simpler and secure!  Ways to Order Products  - Add to Secure shopping cart and proceed to check out.  - Simply email Vince listing your order.  - Call 812-284-4661 or toll free 1-877-284-8969 and place your order.  Most shipping via Priority Mail.

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 If you have any questions or issues with your experience concerning our website PLEASE call us toll free 1-877-284-8969 so we may get your questions answered and your products to you ASAP!

Thank you, Vince


3/13/15 Suffering from Lower Back soreness? New product available!  Mag Flex Back Pad now available!

3/13/15 Sore Feet?  Angles Swelling? New product available! Insoles Video now available!

2/25/15 Black Flex Silicon Carbide Wet and Dry 2 and 3 Inch Discs are now available in Complete Set ups including all 8 Grits! 220,320,400,600,800,1200,1500 and 2000 grit and include a FREE Back up pad!!!  Get yours today!

2/20/15 Gold Max Discs Complete Set Ups NOW include 9 grits (80,100,120,150,180,240,320,400,and 600) and come with a FREE Back up Pad!!!  Get yours today!

2/14/13 Green Flex Discs Full Set Up Deal now includes ALL 10 GRITS and a FREE BACK UP PAD!  Get yours today!

2/14/15 Green Flex Discs are now available in 100 and 150 Grit!

2/13/15 New Micro Fiber Polishing Towels are now available!  Get yours today!

2/12/15 New 3 Inch Micro Fiber Polishing Pads 3pk are now available!  Get yours today!

2/3/15 New Ultra Thin Back up Pads are now in stock!  Get yours today!

1/19/15 The Sanding Wonders have arrived!  For a Limited time get both a 2 inch back up pad and a 3 inch back up pad when you order your Sanding Wonder!

1/18/15 New 2 and 3 inch Tough Velcro Thick Back Up Pads are in stock!  These back up pads have a durable 1 inch thick foam, Tough Velcro and a Metal Shank for long lasting results.  Get yours today!

12/29/14 Do your feet hurt at the end of your day or angles swell due to circulation issues?  Woodturning is fun but sometimes standing on our feet for hours can be less than fun.     I now carry Magnetic insoles called Magsteps and M-Stride and these insoles have provided me amazing results.  Click Here for More Information!

11/20/14  Palm Sanders are now in stock.  Click Here

10/20/14     New Video explaining differences in Sanding Discs currently offer.  Click Here

9/23/14      New Zirconia Max Discs are now available! Zirconia and Ceramic Oxide are similar in abrading. For years we have offered Ceramic Discs with great results. Now we are offering Zirconia Max discs! These discs offer the same Extra Long Cutting Life on a durable cloth backing allowing you to sand wet or dry only at a much more affordable price… save over 35%! Ceramic Discs will be distributed till depletion at which point Zirconia Max discs will be distributed!  Click Here

8/27/14     Gold Max Discs are here!  These flexible discs offer an excellent grit consistency!  Gold Max Discs are long lasting sharp paper back discs that are a great value!  Now at even a lower price and you save even more with 100 packs or full set ups (80-600 grit) starting at only $25.00!  Click Here 

7/28/14  NEW FLEX EDGE BACK UP PADS are Here!  Excellent Velcro Backing, Durable Foam and a Metal Shank Make for a Long Lasting Durable Pad!  Take Advantage of our Buy 3 Pads Special!!!  Click Here

7/10/14 NEW GreenFlex Discs are here!!  These are proving to be a BIG Favorite!  If you like our BlueFlex Discs you will love our New GreenFlex discs! Click Here


Simply stated VincesWoodNWonders is in the service business!  One of my goals is to provide superior personalized customer service allowing you to ask questions and receive answers to questions you may have regarding sanding your projects or sanding in general. For example, what makes up a quality sanding abrasive?  Within this question lies an educational component.  VincesWoodNWonders educates customers to better understand the differences in sanding abrasives and what will work best to meet your needs.  There are many components to a quality abrasive and if you would like more information, as always, please contact me.  Providing superior customer service helps promote customer loyalty and customer loyalty means the next time the customer needs sanding abrasives or questions answered regarding their sanding projects they will think of VincesWoodNWonders first.  There are many abrasive distributors on the market and all sell sanding abrasives.  VincesWoodNWonders offers superior customer service, personalized education, quality sanding abrasives and accessories to not only meet but exceed your sanding abrasives needs.  Whether you need products from SIA’s Full Line of Quality Abrasives and Accessories, Quality Back Up Pads, Firm Inner Face Pads, Soft Inner Face Pads, Highest Quality Micron Film Sanding Discs, or Highest Quality Pneumatic Sanding Products or Suggestions, contact VincesWoodNWonders and get answers to better assist you!

VincesWoodNWonders is in the Service Business!



VincesWoodNWondersis committed to providing Quality Handcrafted Wood Turning products by using only the best materials available.

VincesWoodNWonders promotes woodturning by supporting national and regional woodturning organizations as well as providing educational opportunities locally.

 VincesWoodNWonders provides a variety of quality wood turned products such as Pens, Pencils, Letter Openers, Functional and Artistic Bowls, Platters, Kitchen Utilities, Cutting Boards, Vases, Boxes, Rosewood Bottle Stoppers and my One-Of-A-Kind Wine Glasses!


Contact: Vincent Welch Address: 3459 Morgan Trail Jeffersonville, IN. 47130Phone: 812-284-4661Toll Free 1-877-284-8969Email: Vince@VincesWoodNWonders.com

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