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This page is dedicated to providing useful videos regarding Sanding and Vince’s Products in general!

Thinking About Trying Abranet August 2017 (11:47)

How to Set up Your Sanding Wonder Tool  (6:49)

Back up Pads 2017 (13:16 min)

  Vince Explaining the use of his Innerface pads (9 Min)

 A Fun Weekend at the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild Symposium

 Vince Explaining the use of Back up Pads  (5:33 Min)

 Palm Sanders  (1:55 min)

 The Sanding Wonder Ultra Sander (2:39 min)

 The Differences in Sanding Discs Currently Offered 2014 (14.04 min)

Feet pain? Insoles that may help relieve pain and swelling! 2015(4:57min)

Lower back soreness?  Mag Flex Back pad now available! 2015(3:44 min)

Using The Hunter #1 Ornament Tool System 2015

DMT Honing Kit For Woodturners

Using DMT sharpeners to Hone a Bedan Video. 2015 (9:26 min)

Using DMT sharpeners to Hone a Bedan Video Part 2. 2015 (7:01 min)

Using Anti Fog Dust Masks 2016 (3:38 min)

Need a Boost to Get Into the Shop Enjoy the Benefits of all Natural Mocha Tea (5:22 min)

New Year Resolutions 2016 (4:16 min)

New 5 Inch Back up Pads and Soft Interface Pads 2016 (2:06min)

Twist Turn Discs Explained 2016


Goldmax Discs 2016

Greenflex Discs Video 2016

Quick Change Adapters 2016

Platinum Film Discs 2016


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  1. Don Faulkner says:

    Vince… I’very been using your sanding materials for some time and sometimes forget what interface pad to use for what grit. Do you have a chart describing the type of interface pad for specific grit ranges? If it indicated the color that would be wonderful. I noticed there was a poster I your shop that might do this, is this available?


    … Don

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