Shipping Policy


Here at we use USPS shipping to help provide fast and efficient shipping at reasonable costs!  We try to base our shipping cost on exactly what it will cost to ship to you!

Shipping within the US is $6.50 for the first pound of product. $8.00 for two pounds.  $10.00 for three pounds. $12.00 for four pounds.

Shipping to Canada:

Currency: U.S. Dollar
Region: Canada
Shipping Method(s):
Based On: Weight
Shipping Method :International Priority Air
Select delivery time:
Shipping Rates:

From(Lbs) To(Lbs) Rate(USD)
0.01 1.00 36.00
1.01 2.00 39.00
2.01 3.00 42.00









Currency and Shipping Region:

Currency: U.S. Dollar
Region: Australia

Shipping Method(s):

Based On: Weight
Shipping Method: International Priority Air
Shipping Rates:
From(Lbs) To(Lbs) Rate(USD)
0.01 1.00 45.00
1.01 2.00 50.00








Fortunately, abrasives are very light weight and therefore most shipping costs are minimal.  Of course if you have any question you may always call us at  1-877-284-8969.

6 Responses to “Shipping Policy”

  1. Ed Sallade says:

    I had an order on May 1. I know USPS can be slow sometimes, it’s May 6th and have not seen it yet.
    Was it sent with a tracking number that I could check?


    Ed Sallade
    1387 Orchard View Drive
    St. Louis MO 63146

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ed,
    If you looked on the home page of the website you would have seen a simple notice stating all orders received within the timeframe you listed will be sent out on May 8th. I was out of town for a week buddy! I will get your order right out and I thank you for your order! Sorry for the delay I just got back in town.

  3. Mathew Sova says:

    Were do you find coupons and is there a discount for buying a hundred disc of four or more grit so say 600. Disc

  4. admin says:

    Hi Mathew,
    Feel free to call me 877.284.8969. However there are no coupons available. The coupon button came with the page I used when I built the website. Thanks, Vince

  5. Carl Miller says:

    I just received a CBN wheel and found that I ordered the wrong one. I wanted a 180 grit but ordered aan 80 grit. How can I return the wrong wheel?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Carl,
    Just give me a call 877.284.8969 to discuss.

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