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1.  Over the years I have been asked many questions regarding sanding abrasives.   To better answer some of these question I have created a Presentation called “What Makes a Quality Sanding Abrasive”.  This presentation explains variable characteristics concerning sanding abrasives and how they pertain to power sanding while working on a lathe as well as sanding and abrasives in general.
Click HERE to view the presentation.

2.  My Sanding Suggestion Form provides you useful information regarding sanding and using my Innerface Pads.
Click HERE to view the form.

3. If you are going to a symposium and are needing supplies from us no problem!  Simply print this form off and fill out what you need.  Bring this form to the booth and drop it off.  We will fill your order and have it ready for you to pick up after your rotation.  All we ask is you do not forget to pick up your order the same day you drop it off.
Simply Click Here for the form.

4. Need a quick Tutorial Video on how to use our innerface pads?  No problem… simply CLICK HERE and I will explain the different pads and their uses.

5. Need a quick tutorial video on Back up Pads?  No problem… simply Click Here and I will explain the different pads and their uses.

Thank You, Vince


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